Cannibal Culture (An Observation)

from by White Sails



We're gonna squirm our way into the fast lane
We're gonna work our hands to the bone; if we must, take out a new loan
We're gonna make the cut, we'll make the front page
We got our eyes on the prize; we got a knife to the throat
Of anyone who'd try to stand in the way
We're so hot... We're up in flames

Our brains are melting at a frightening pace
Believing every lie that's written in the big lights or spoken by a pretty face
We ingest every second of airtime
The sheep are getting along with the wolf
They've forgotten the smell of death, even though it's rank on his breath

We don't have time to spend the money we make
Don't have the guts to give it away
Inside, we're starving to death
All while we're clawing at the spices of life
To season the bloody meat on our plate

We gotta get our of our minds
Step outside the manufactured design
It's time we see the fractured lines that shape this crooked paradise

It's time to discover that we're eating each other


from Walls, released March 27, 2014



all rights reserved


White Sails Austin, Texas


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