Gospel (Kingdom Come Forever)

from by White Sails



You bowed yourself to greet me; cloaked yourself in flesh
You crawled on hands and knees to meet me
Forsaking throne and rightful rest
You broke your bones to feed me, crippling yourself
You bled yourself to quench me 'til there was nothing left
And I lack nothing

You died against the black sky, hanging from the beams
Perfect, loving obedience... So I could know what goodness means
The violence and hatred in my heart-- forever buried on that day
That you mocked the grave and walked away, to live again

And if you fulfilled your promise by defeating death
You will surely prove every truth you ever said

And all of us will live again
The universe will be reset
When every throne is overturned
All the pain will be undone
And I can't die because you live...

I can't die because you live


from Walls, released March 27, 2014



all rights reserved


White Sails Austin, Texas


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