The Hands Of Fear

from by White Sails



The clouds have settled over empty fields
Where have the sons and daughters gone
More and more, they seem to disappear
They walk away like privilege has no end
The threat of winter can't be ignored
The fires will not burn for long
And if our mothers and fathers could see us now
Would there be pity or resentment for what we let it become

Faith--the vital gift
The source of every breath, the strength in every step I take
But doubt delivers into the hands of fear
To cripple and keep us from reaching for help
Can't we admit that we're desperate?

One by one, we defected from responsibility
All in the name of freedom
Independence led to pride
And then it led to hate and insecurity
And it's ironic that we're fooled collectively
We sell our very souls into slavery
Become anonymous to kill our conscience
I fear complacency's the gun in our back

But in your providence, the sun exists
So in the dark, keep your promises

And I'm guilty of giving in

But history reveals monuments of love
The guiding light that leads us back into trust
But history reveals monuments of love
Restoring faith to defy all oppression and dance in the face of death
Dance in the face of death


from Walls, released March 27, 2014



all rights reserved


White Sails Austin, Texas


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