The Silent Blade

from by White Sails



The great machine
We built in fear
Now looming over us
Breaking our backs for us

And when placed in braces
Dependent, we bow and we praise it
And accepting our morsel
We slave to make the proper sacrifices

And no one hears the silent blade
No one sees the anesthesia
Our hearts are fixed on being saved
And though the truth lies in our desperation
The well was always dry
The hand that feeds was always empty
We swore allegiance to a lie
Our fear of love led us astray

We are responsible for our own pain...
Let's wash it away

There is no peace without freedom
There is no freedom without love
There is no love without freedom
So let the destruction begin

Let's wash it away


from Walls, released March 27, 2014



all rights reserved


White Sails Austin, Texas


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