by White Sails

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Leif Fossmo sang and played guitars, bass, and piano. Bjorn Fossmo played drums. Robert Williams, Philippe Lotfi, and Bjorn Fossmo sang backup vocals.


released March 27, 2014

Lyrics by Leif Fossmo / Music by White Sails / Produced by Leif Fossmo and Robert Williams / Engineered by Robert Williams / Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege / Photography by Matt Conant / Design by Elizabeth Fox Roseberry.




all rights reserved


White Sails Austin, Texas


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Track Name: Blaze
Who dares to call me armor-bearer? I've denied them all
Who said I was the freedom-fighter? I'm a slave to comfort
But there's no rest for the Son of Man, and I know this sleep is stolen
And courage flees because I let my convictions go for way too cheap

Leaning into emptiness
All I traded you for, becoming shadow
You keep calling me; the longing in your voice, unwavering
To replace everything I gave up

Avoid the watchtower light of searching eyes
The pressure paralyzes
How can I expect to blaze the trail
When I'm trying to avoid being seen taking flight

Show me the easiest way out
Whatever is popular will do just fine

Promise me again, the end is worth the pain at hand
To fly the flag, to bear the crown
To wield the torch and burn it all down

You keep calling me... To set my heart on fire again
Track Name: The Hands Of Fear
The clouds have settled over empty fields
Where have the sons and daughters gone
More and more, they seem to disappear
They walk away like privilege has no end
The threat of winter can't be ignored
The fires will not burn for long
And if our mothers and fathers could see us now
Would there be pity or resentment for what we let it become

Faith--the vital gift
The source of every breath, the strength in every step I take
But doubt delivers into the hands of fear
To cripple and keep us from reaching for help
Can't we admit that we're desperate?

One by one, we defected from responsibility
All in the name of freedom
Independence led to pride
And then it led to hate and insecurity
And it's ironic that we're fooled collectively
We sell our very souls into slavery
Become anonymous to kill our conscience
I fear complacency's the gun in our back

But in your providence, the sun exists
So in the dark, keep your promises

And I'm guilty of giving in

But history reveals monuments of love
The guiding light that leads us back into trust
But history reveals monuments of love
Restoring faith to defy all oppression and dance in the face of death
Dance in the face of death
Track Name: Relentless
It's all been put away from view
Out of sight, but not so easy out of mind
The worried speculation still remains
All we're promised is right now
So seize the day in your own way, kind of halfway
Because you can't escape that sound repeating

And everyone, they run relentless after you
The only one that loves you more is waiting and waiting

But your new goal's set--disguised as open-mindedness
You're seeking new experience and friends
Ones that will approve the comfort that you seek
But each day that falls away
Burns a little hotter than the last
The fire inside don't lie... Nothing lasts

But you swear that there's nothing wrong
And you swear that there's nothing wrong
And you swear that there's nothing wrong
And you swear that you're the happiest you've ever been

But desperate eyes can't hide
The emptiness of your exhausted heart
They long for home
Track Name: White Knuckles
I've tasted and I've seen universal fantasy
Perfect self-sufficiency
No lack, no need--access to everything
But resulting disappointment makes it's home in my heart

Standing at the edge of golden kingdoms
Infinite potential in their open arms
Offered the keys to the world
Will I possess it, or will it swallow me?

Chase the sparkle in the depths
It draws me deep, and then it fades
Toiling over acquisition
Suffocate beneath the weight, up to my neck in lies

Hell is empty promises

Standing at the edge of broken kingdoms
Infinite deception in their open claws
White-knuckle grip on the world...
Do I hold it, or is it clutching me?
Track Name: The Silent Blade
The great machine
We built in fear
Now looming over us
Breaking our backs for us

And when placed in braces
Dependent, we bow and we praise it
And accepting our morsel
We slave to make the proper sacrifices

And no one hears the silent blade
No one sees the anesthesia
Our hearts are fixed on being saved
And though the truth lies in our desperation
The well was always dry
The hand that feeds was always empty
We swore allegiance to a lie
Our fear of love led us astray

We are responsible for our own pain...
Let's wash it away

There is no peace without freedom
There is no freedom without love
There is no love without freedom
So let the destruction begin

Let's wash it away
Track Name: Catacombs
We walk through tunnels with this wasted light
We live in catacombs, content to call them home
We stop our ears and then we close our eyes
Our folded arms reveal a desperate, misguided faith in ourselves

Evading truth, we keep the salt out of our wounds
We diagnose ourselves so no one knows we ever fell

We were built to love and be loved in return
We keep our distance, so scared of being burned

To isolate ourselves, to filter what we show to who we know
This hypocrisy I outwardly oppose, it is my very own
Failure I can't seem to accept, emerging numb in loneliness
How could I protect me from myself?

We were built to love and be loved in return
We keep our secrets from each other, so scared of being burned
So scared of being known
Ignoring the threat of freezing to death

Our hearts, bound by the father
Our hearts, meant to beat as one
Our hearts, bound by the father

Fear no pain; the light will heal
Let your joy be complete
Track Name: Cannibal Culture (An Observation)
We're gonna squirm our way into the fast lane
We're gonna work our hands to the bone; if we must, take out a new loan
We're gonna make the cut, we'll make the front page
We got our eyes on the prize; we got a knife to the throat
Of anyone who'd try to stand in the way
We're so hot... We're up in flames

Our brains are melting at a frightening pace
Believing every lie that's written in the big lights or spoken by a pretty face
We ingest every second of airtime
The sheep are getting along with the wolf
They've forgotten the smell of death, even though it's rank on his breath

We don't have time to spend the money we make
Don't have the guts to give it away
Inside, we're starving to death
All while we're clawing at the spices of life
To season the bloody meat on our plate

We gotta get our of our minds
Step outside the manufactured design
It's time we see the fractured lines that shape this crooked paradise

It's time to discover that we're eating each other
Track Name: Open Water
It's been a long year...
Sitting in the dark, waiting, not in patience, but in fear
To see which door will open; afraid to stand and test the locks
It takes zero faith to demand a sign, a light, or some divine epiphany

Time slips away
Dreams age without grace
The comfort of the cell that I've created, it clings to me

It's been a long year...
Recalling memories and wondering what happened to me
I used to chase the sun, never looking back
But now, achingly, I only look back
Losing traction in this sinking sand inside
And I can't feel my heart beat

I see the ships set sail into the most incredible horizons on fire
Braving the fears of the deep and the unknowing, fulfilling their design
But these white sails see no weather... They do not hope for treasure
A broken heart's a broken bow; but still, you promised me adventure

Unrest is swelling in my soul

Time slips away
Dreams age without grace
The comfort of the cell that I've created...
Break me out

The thought of dying in this shell...
The harbor has become my hell
Unrest is swelling in my soul
Track Name: The Bastard's Curse
When I kept silent, my bones wasted away
Ignore the illness, as I will have my way
There is an evil that conspires my death
And I forget: I'm not alone...

Compelled by whispers in the dark, I leave my home behind
Led only by my lust, barreling head-first into the night
To follow no one; to become my own god
Then the truth pounds in my chest
The only name I make for myself is regret

When every word of truth feels like an open wound
When every step brings me crashing to the ground
When I prefer the bastard's curse
Love me like a son... Love me like a son

My pride is ignorant
Resolve is negligent
But I'm in deep, and I just can't quit

Lost at every turn without you
But still I feel your gentle gaze
The devil does his work with my own hands
But you weep with me and take me back again

And you welcome everyone that mourns
And every broken heart is sure to find a loving home
Track Name: Gospel (Kingdom Come Forever)
You bowed yourself to greet me; cloaked yourself in flesh
You crawled on hands and knees to meet me
Forsaking throne and rightful rest
You broke your bones to feed me, crippling yourself
You bled yourself to quench me 'til there was nothing left
And I lack nothing

You died against the black sky, hanging from the beams
Perfect, loving obedience... So I could know what goodness means
The violence and hatred in my heart-- forever buried on that day
That you mocked the grave and walked away, to live again

And if you fulfilled your promise by defeating death
You will surely prove every truth you ever said

And all of us will live again
The universe will be reset
When every throne is overturned
All the pain will be undone
And I can't die because you live...

I can't die because you live